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About us

Sukie Metal Abrasive Co., Limited is located in the hometown of hardware Yongkang city ofZhejiangprovince inChina. Our company is a specialist organization on production of metal abrasive (shot blasting material), and the advanced Instrument of metal surface inChinadomestic with ten years development.

Sukie is specializing for producing varieties of metal abrasive (carbon steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot, stainless steel cut wire shot, nonferrous metal shots, zinc shot, zinc cut wire shot, aluminum shot and aluminum cut wire shot, copper shot and copper cut wire shot etc.) All the products which strictly executed by below international standards (AMS2431/8A、MIL-S-13165C、DIN8201、VDFI8001、SAEJ441、DQML 001-2008) are produced with the most advanced and developed equipments.

Sukie is engaged in the metal surface preparation yield of aviation, automobile, motorbike, shipbuilding, gearing, spring, train and steels, etc. by producing and supporting them with all kinds of high-end metal abrasive products and the services for shot peening strengthening processing etc. We have been associated with serious worldwide well-known institutions in metal abrasive research and development by constantly. Furthermore, all of the products which exported to more than 50 countries, such as Germany, Japan, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Indonesia, etc. have been highly praised by our clients.
Sukie has always been pressing ahead with international strategy to realize the leap-forward development, strengthening the connection with friends all over the world, sharing the resources and are aiming to achieve mutual benefit and development ultimately. Welcome to join us!


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